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Stage Kids WA presents Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr.

November 28 – December 1 at 6:30pm.

December 1 at 1:30pm. December 2 at 4:00pm

Based on the original Broadway production, and the Academy Award winning motion picture, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr. is a fantastic adaption of the story of transformation and tolerance. Featuring some of the most popular songs ever written by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman, along with new songs by Mr. Menken and Tim Rice.



CAST AMOUR (Wed. PM, Fri. Matinee & PM, Sat. Matinee)

Narrators: Leah Hauff, Clara Lebow, Samuel Talbot

Belle: Fara Newell

Maurice: Henry Bergey

Beast: Liam Schmidt

Gaston: Griffin Ruhl

LeFou: Campbell Lindholm

Silly Girls: Piper Lodato, Eloise Bolles, Jessi McIrvin

Lumiere: Summit Newell

Cogsworth: Boden Sorom

Mrs. Potts: Kahleyn Gilliver

Babette: Ellie Bartlett

Madame Bouche: Ilsa Groff

Chip: Riggin Turner

Prince: Oscar LaVergne

Beggar woman/Enchantress: Dayna Dickson

Monsieur D’arque: Gavin Hundley

Bookseller: Caden Vasquez

Villagers: Makaiya Carson, Carly Nielsen, Whitney Clifton

Lady with cane: Allirie Christensen

Baker: Grant Chisolm

Sausage curl girl: Anna Hirsch

Aristocratic lady: Kiersten Peart

Fish seller: CJ Mackie

Lady with baby: Ella Dickmann

Hat seller: Alexa Dickman

Milkmaid: Mattie MacKay

Egg Seller: Clara Rose Groff

Candle Seller: Mikaiya Carson/Emma Banker

Butcher: Haakon Sorom

Aristocratic man: Preston Sorom

Old Lady: Makayla Garcia

Male Villager: Grant Chisolm

Female Village: Allirie Christensen

Shepherd: Allie McPherson

Little Boy: Ben Bergey

Little Girl: MaryElise Clifton

Fancy Girl: Zoey Bailey

Chimney sweep: Hannah VanBuskirk

“Gaston” Dance Ensemble: Carly Nielsen, Samuel Talbot, Ella Dickmann, Dayna Dickson, Jade Gouley, Whitney Clifton

“Be Our Guest” Forks/Knives: Emma Banker, Clara Lebow, Katherine Dunlop, Helen Tracy, Chloe McCoy, Makenna Foreman

“Be Our Guest” Plates: Jade Goulet, Carley Everson, Carley Price, Leah Hauff, Dayna Dickson

“Be Our Guest” Spoons: Oscar LaVergne, Landon Perry, Jane Burns, Emmi Armitage, Allie McCoy, Eli Wright, Trip Martin

“Be Our Guest” Menus: Samuel Talbot, Carly Nielsen, Ella Dickmann, Carissa Lundberg, Mikaiya Carson, Whitney Clifton

“Be Our Guest” Teacups:  Alana Dickson, Joanna Talbot, Kaeylyn Zabrocki, Mei England, Summer Bromiley, Sofie Tveten, Vivian White

“Be Our Guest” Salt: Oscar LaVergne

“Be Our Guest” Pepper: Samuel Talbot

“Be Our Guest” Carpet: Carissa Lundberg

“Be Our Guest” Napkins: Mikaiya Carson, Katherine Dunlop, Whitney Clifton, Carley Nielson

“Be Our Guest” Whisk: Ella Dickmann

“Be Our Guest” Feather Dusters: Jane Burns, Emi Armitage

“Be Our Guest” Candle/Broom/Book: Trip Martin, Eli Wright, Landon Perry

“Be Our Guest” Footstool: Allie McCoy

“Be Our Guest” Statue: Lexie Fennell

Wolves: Carissa Lundberg, Makenna Foreman, Emmi Armitage, Trip Martin, Landon Perry, Mikaiya Carson, Chloe McCoy, Carley Price


CAST BONJOUR (Thurs. Matinee & PM, Sat. PM, Sun. Matinee)

Narrators: Macy Fowler, Emma Foley, Olivia Colyar

Belle: Violet Madsen

Maurice: Isaiah Volyn

Beast: Gabe Kimmel

Gaston: Quinn Escure

LeFou: Esai Romero

Silly Girls: Cate Shearer, Ava Kiesz, Juliette Schmauder

Lumiere: Isaac Colyar

Cogsworth: Iona Canlis

Mrs. Potts: Sophia Kenninger

Babette: Aimee Canlis

Madame Bouche: Emily Lenard

Chip: Celia Kiesz

Prince: Oscar LaVergne

Beggar woman/Enchantress: Taryn Turner

Monsieur D’arque: Elliot McIver

Bookseller: Aiden Shattuck

Villagers: Abbey Kimmel, Lexine Forsyth, Lexie Fennell

Lady with cane: Isabella Salcido

Baker: MaClain Larson

Sausage curl girl: Norah Dillman

Aristocratic lady: Gabby Volyn

Fish seller: Braiden Snyder

Lady with baby: Macy Fowler

Hat seller: Izzy Black

Milkmaid: Qynn Koempel

Egg Seller: Emma Foley

Candle Seller: Clairese Snyder

Butcher: Moges Abbott

Aristocratic man: Riley Kazemba

Old Lady: Madi page

Male Villager: Maclain Larson

Female Village: Isabella Salcido

Shepherd: Zeke DeVries

Little Boy: Nathan Timmons-Rickard

Little Girl: Mayah Timmons-Rickard

Fancy Girl: Nico Kitos

Chimney sweep: Quinn Kitos

“Gaston” Dance Ensemble: Lexie Fennell, Macy Fowler, Brooklynn Lovell, Lexine Forsyth, Abbey Kimmel, Lila Boushay

“Be Our Guest” Forks/Knives: Mackenzie Titus, Makenna Fritz, Abbey Kimmel, Clara Shattuck, Emma Foley, Jessie Evans

“Be Our Guest” Plates: Lila Boushay, Anne Stevens, Libby Borst, Lucy Petro, Norah Endsley,

“Be Our Guest” Spoons: Oscar LaVergne, Kylie Gaus, Salem Winterstein, Kai Mueller, Keanan Koempel, Kaella Watt, Naviyah Harmening

“Be Our Guest” Menus: Macy Fowler, Lexie Fennell, Brooklynn Lovell, Lexine Forsyth, Olivia Colyar, Taryn Turner, Josie Weaver

“Be Our Guest” Teacups:  Austin Russell, Claire Ivey, Harper Nelson, Jasmine Graves, Kate Berry, Maxine Mathison, Piper Fravel

“Be Our Guest” Salt: Oscar LaVergne

“Be Our Guest” Pepper: Kai Muelle

“Be Our Guest” Carpet: Brooklynn Lovell

“Be Our Guest” Napkins: Lexine Forsyth, Lexie Fennell, Taryn Turner, Olivia Colyar, Naviyah Harmening

“Be Our Guest” Whisk: Macy Fowler

“Be Our Guest” Feather Dusters: Josie Weaver, Salem Winterstein, Keanan Koempel

“Be Our Guest” Footstool: Kylie Gaus

“Be Our Guest” Statue: Emma Banker

Wolves: Josie Weaver, Kai Meuller, Clara Shattuck, Makenna Fritz, Norah Endsley, Anne Stevens, Libby Borst, Naviyah Harmening




Reserved Seating

Section A: $20
Section B: $16
Section C: $13

Section A: $22
Section B: $18
Section C: $15

Nov 28 @ 6:30 PM
Nov 29 @ 6:30 PM
Nov 30 @ 6:30 PM
Dec 1 @ 1:30 PM
Dec 1 @ 6:30 PM
Dec 2 @ 4:00 PM
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