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Stage Kids presents The Music Man

Celebrating our 5th Anniversary, join Stage Kids for our family show of The Music Man!

Professor Harold Hill, an energetic con artist, convinces the citizens of a small turn -of-the-century community to form a youth marching band to solve all their problems.

Cast A (In Order of Appearance): Performs November 20 @ 6:30pm, November 21 – Day, November 22 @ 6:30pm & November 23 @ 1:30pm

Traveling Salesmen: Zack Lodato, CJ Mackay, Caleb Clifton, Nathan Wallace 13 & Alanna Graves
Newspaper Readers: Anna Hirsch, Nathan Timmons-Rickard, Caden Vasquez & Braiden Snyder
Charlie Cowell:Gavin Hundley
Conductor: Nathan Wallace 13
Harold Hill: Isaac Colyar
Harold Hill Understudy: Caleb Clifton
Mayor Shinn: Dale White
The Quartet- Ewart Dunlop: Jen Snyder
The Quartet- Oliver Hix: Zack Lodato
The Quartet- Jacey Squires: MaryElise Clifton
The Quartet- Olin Britt: Tim Scheer
Marcellus Washburn: Caleb Clifton
Tommy Djilas: Caden Vasquez
Marian Paroo: Maggie Stevens
Mrs. Paroo: Andrea Colyar
Amaryllis: Summer Bromiley
Winthrop Paroo: Titus Colyar
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Thea Roundy
Zaneeta Shinn: Whitney Clifton
Gracie Shinn: Jasmine Graves
Alma Hix: Laura Clifton
Maud Dunlop: Lexie Fennell
Ethel Toffelmier: Piper Lodato
Mrs. Squires: Amanda Gaus
Pick-a-little-ladies: Jill Campbell & Anne Stevens
Constable Locke: Braiden Snyder
River City Townspeople: Mayah Timmons-Rickard, Josie Weaver, Nathan Wallace 13 & Lexie Fennell
Wells Fargo Duet Singers: Olivia Colyar, Vivian White, Lucy Petro, Joaquin Hernandez, Frankie Endsley, Clairese Snyder, Charlie Campbell, Madi Page, CJ Mackay, Emma Cenotto & Landon Perry

Shipoopi Dancers: Alanna Graves, Anna Hirsch, Anne Stevens, Lexie Fennell, Piper Lodato, Maggie Stevens, Whitney Clifton, Braiden Snyder, Caden Vasquez, Caleb Clifton, Gavin Hundley, Isaac Colyar, Nathan Timmons-Rickard & Nathan Wallace 13
Library Dancers: Carissa Lundberg, Charlie Campbell, CJ Mackay, Clairese Snyder, Frankie Endsley, Jane Burns, Jasmine Graves, Joaquin Hernandez, Kylie Gaus, Lily Graves, Lucy Petro, Madi Page, Emma Cenotto, Mattie Mackay, Neviyah Harmineng, Norah Endlsey, Olivia Colyar, Rosemary Holcomb, Summer Bromiley, Titus Colyar, Vivian White
Wa Tan Ye Dancers: Analise Reeg, Mayah Timmons-Rickard, Josie Weaver & Landon Perry

Cast B (In Order of Appearance): Performs Nov 21 @ 6:30pm, Nov 22 – Day, Nov 23 @ 6:30pm & Nov 24 @ 4:30pm

Traveling Salesmen: Elliott McIver, Mo Abbott, Maclain Larson, Grant Chisholm & Will Chisholm
Newspaper Readers: Clara Lebow, Bodon Sorom & Alexa Dickmann
Charlie Cowell: Liam Schmidt
Conductor: Ryder Lamanna-Scott
Harold Hill: Isaac Colyar
Harold Hill Understudy: Caleb Clifton
Mayor Shinn: Drew Zabrocki
The Quartet- Ewart Dunlop: Laura Lebow
The Quartet: Oliver Hix: Will Chisholm
The Quartet: Jacey Squires: Kim Beason
The Quartet: Olin Britt: Luke Boyce
Marcellus Washburn: Boden Sorom
Tommy Djilas: Elliott McIver
Marian Paroo: Isabella Salcido
Mrs. Paroo: Melanie Wallace
Amaryllis: Naomi Beason
Winthrop Paroo: Brayden Kuligowski
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Missy Gilbert
Zaneeta Shinn: Jessi McIrvin
Gracie Shinn: Mackenzie Titus
Alma Hix: Madelyn Larson
Maud Dunlop: Kahlen Gilliver
Ethel Toffelmier: Emma Banker
Mrs. Squires: Allie Chisolm
Pick-a-Little Ladies: Elicia Madariaga & Alirie Christensen
Constable Locke: Nathan James Wallace
River City Townspeople: Salem Winterstein, Gianna Hisey, Grant Chisholm & Alexa Dickmann
Wells Fargo Wagon Duet Singers: Juliette Schmauder, Amelia Allen, Zoey Bailey, Seleah Hisey, Liam Gilbert, Hannah VanBuskirk. Salem Winterstein, Shylin Wallace, Jessie Evans, Juliette Schmauder, Seleah Hisey & Rachel Carter

Shipoopi Dancers: Alirie Christensen, Alexa Dickmann, Kahlen Gilliver, Madelyn Larson, Emma Banker, Isabella Salcido, Jessi McIrvin, Grant Chisholm, Elliott McIver, Boden Sorom, Liam Schmidt, Isaac Colyar, Nathan James Wallace & Maclain Larson
Library Dancers: Amelia Allen, Brayden Kugliowski, Clara Lebow, Hailey Anderson, Hannah VanBuskirk, Jessie Evans, Juliette Schmauder, Kaelyn Zabrocki, Kylah Madriaga, Liam Gilbert, Mackenzie Titus, Makenna Foreman, Meeka Cole, Minaal Martin, Mo Abbott, Naomi Beason, Rachel Carter, Renna Madriaga, Ryder Lamanna-Scott, Seleah Hisey & Shylin Wallace
Wa Tan Ye Dancers: Rhys Nelson, Ingrid Foreman, Gianna Hisey & Cyrus Winterstein

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Section A: $20
Section B: $18
Section C: $14

Section A: $22
Section B: $20
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Nov 20 @ 6:30 PM
Nov 21 @ 6:30 PM
Nov 22 @ 6:30 PM
Nov 23 @ 1:30 PM
Nov 23 @ 6:30 PM
Nov 24 @ 4:00 PM
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